3/4 Sleeve | Maui Palm | White Sea Blue | Front | Dress By Samantha Sung

Hepburn Dress Shirt Collar 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Stretch (Maui Palm)

A Shirt Wrap Dress, 1970's Iconic Wrap,Re-designed by Samantha Sung : The "Hepburn".

Japanese Shibori Inspired Pattern Turns Classis Wrap Into Modern and Sporty.

  • Also Comes in Sleeveless or Cap Sleeve or 1/2 Sleeve, Upon Requests.
  • Regular Body Length : 39 inch to 43 inch ( 100 cm to 110 cm)
  • Pockets at Both Side Seams.
  • Different Skirt Length Offered Upon Request.
      White Ivy Green
      White Admiral Blue
      White Indigo
      White Indian Red
      White Royal Purple
      White Rose
      White Sea Blue
      You can wear it with